3 Reasons to Effortlessly Use Maps With Brain Power

Maps referred to as google maps, is a fantastic tool that has helped users to find unknown locations easily. 

The use of this tool without combining the power of the brain can be a frightening experience. 

In this blog post, I will share lessons learned using maps on a recent road trip.

Maps have a feature that allows users to find the best route to avoid high-traffic areas. Humans are impatient and are quick to enable this feature while using maps on their travels. Naturally, I made such a decision on a recent outing without combining the power of thought and maps. 

Here is what I learned from this experience using maps:

  1. Do not use this feature if you lack some local: knowledge: I activated this feature to avoid heavily trafficked areas, and it did as promised. However, I did not expect us to be routed through one of the most volatile communities in my country. This was such a frightening experience I literally shivered in my boots. Many thoughts ran through my mind, but the one that stood out the most was, Which other volatile area will I encounter before reaching where I have local knowledge about. Having some local knowledge would have prevented us from having that experience.
  2. Drive slow and listen well: WE did not ask  to avoid heavily trafficked areas. I was on my way to a medical appointment my driver was doing his best to take me there as quickly as possible because of discomfort. I was in so much pain it was going. He failed to take one of the suggested turns because he was driving in a rush. However, What maps did was re-route us through a congested business district? We were delayed for an hour in the area. I wasn’t the ideal co-pilot on the day because I was in pain. Luckily, when we arrived at our destination, I got to see the doctor without much fuss.
  3. Leave home early: you will be able to make informed decisions that benefit you. Take the business district situation. For example, We could have turned back or sought advice on how to get out of the district. It is all good and well to use this tool on your journey. But you should these consider factors like road conditions and mishaps.
  4. Test out the features of Maps: Google maps has features such as  direction, street view, satellite, and google earth. I used the voice direction, and it worked well. You can figure out the one that suits you best by testing. Check out the recent posts.
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