Infography Review:  Easy Text To Image AI Generator


Infography is an AI-powered tool that can transform your blog posts and other content into infographics with just one click.

The interface is simple and beginner-friendly for all users.

Key Features:

  • Simplify Complex Information
  • Improve Engagement and Shareability
  • Attract Attention on Social Media
  • Improve SEO
  • Repurpose Existing Content
  • Promote Specific Products or Services

Here is the kicker you all have been waiting for!

My Experience

It is easy to get started with a working email address of your choice. Click the Start for Free button.

infography. start button in blue circled with green and turn your blog into stunning, shareable, infographics, powered by AI.

Follow the instructions, and you’re good to go.

The user interface is the work area. Add a blog, content, or topic.
 Enter a topic of interest, “Keto Diet,” or the entire article content.

Here is how a blog post is converted.

Select the blog from the dropdown menu and enter your blog URL below in the box. Click generate that’s it.

red arrow point down to the dropdown menu and orrange arrow pointing the URL text box

Wait about a minute for the results.

keto diet 5 facts in bullet point format

When I first saw the results, I was disappointed. But I used the change color button and got this result.

Click the edit button to access the color changer. The color options are limited to 9 at the time of writing. But, Uprade is continuously on the platform.


The above picture is to highlight the change of color.

Here is the download area.

Here, you get eight different options for download and color change.

Download the creatives to your computer for personal use.

blue green and orange arrows pointing up at the download buttons

Download Result

I am now going to show the downloaded blog result.

Infographic showing different keto budget friendly meals for travellers


  1. Easy signing up process.
  2. Cost $9.99 Monthly.
  3. Infographic colors can be changed.
  4. Simplifies complex data, blog posts, or topics you are interested in.
  5. Text Content, Post URLs, and topics are used to create infographics.


  1. Individual Color change for each section is not available.
  2. The limit of 5 credits on the free plan is too low.
  3. Watermark embed on the infographic on the free plan.


At $9.99 monthly, you get 100 credits compared to 5 on the free plan. Paid plan watermarks are removed.

Bottom Line

“This tool is excellent and user-friendly, making it ideal for marketers, influencers, and educators alike.”

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