10 Budget-Friendly Keto Meal Ideas for Travelers

As more people embrace the keto lifestyle, it is essential to have a meal plan, especially when traveling. The keto diet involves consuming high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrates. It is effective for weight loss, improving energy levels, and reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

However, sticking to this diet can be challenging when traveling. The good news is that with the right plan, it is possible to enjoy delicious, affordable, and keto-friendly meals while on the go. In this blog post, I will provide 10 budget-friendly keto meals for travelers to ensure that you stay on track with your keto diet. If you are starting on the keto journey you need to know how to deal with carb cravings,

  1. Plan The first step in ensuring that you stick to your keto diet while traveling is to plan. Research the destination you will be traveling to, and identify the best keto-friendly restaurants and grocery stores. You can also pack keto-friendly snacks such as nuts, cheese, and jerky for when you’re on the go.
  2. Sticking to the Basics When on a keto diet, it’s essential to stick to the basics of high-fat foods and low-carb vegetables. Include foods such as:
  3. avocados, nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, and fatty fish. Vegetables, choose low-carb options like spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, and asparagus.
  4. Cook Your Meals Cooking your meals while traveling is an excellent way to ensure that you stick to your keto diet while saving money. When booking accommodation, look for places with kitchenettes or Airbnb rentals have, fully equipped kitchens. This way, you can buy keto-friendly groceries and cook your meals.Close-up of grilled asparagus with char marks and salt on top.
  5. Sample the Local Cuisine When traveling, trying out the local cuisine is essential, this is no different when on a keto diet. Research the local cuisine and identify keto-friendly dishes that you can try out. For example, in Thailand, you can try out Tom Yum soup without noodles, and in Mexico, you can try out guacamole with pork rinds instead of tortilla chips.
  6. Budget-friendly Meal Ideas Below are some budget-friendly meal ideas for travelers on a keto diet:
  7. Breakfast:

Scrambled eggs with diced ham and shredded cheese

Greek yogurt with mixed berries and almonds.


Tuna salad with mixed greens and avocado mayo.

Lettuce wrap with grilled chicken, bacon, and ranch dressing.


Celery sticks with almond butter.


Grill shrimp skewers with zucchini and bell peppers.

Grilled chicken with roasted asparagus and garlic butter.


Keto chocolate mousse made with avocado and cocoa powder.

Sugar-free jello with whipped cream.


Infused water with cucumber, mint, and lemon.

  1. Hydration is Key Finally, it’s essential to stay hydrated while on a keto diet, especially when traveling. Drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks like soda and fruit juice. You can also opt for keto-friendly beverages like unsweetened tea, coffee, and sparkling water.
  2. Don’t Skip Breakfast: Start your day with a high-fat breakfast to keep you energized and satisfied throughout the morning. Some great keto breakfast options include omelets, avocado toast, and breakfast sandwiches made with almond flour bread.
  3. Pack Keto-Friendly Snacks: Bring some, keto-friendly snacks like beef jerky, nuts, and cheese to tide you over between meals. This will help you avoid unhealthy snacking options when hunger strikes.
  4. Look for Farmers’ Markets: Farmers’ markets are a great place to find fresh, locally sourced produce and other keto-friendly foods. Plus, you’ll support local businesses and get a taste of local culture.
Sliced red strawberry fruit on a white plate
Slice red strawberry fruit on a white plate. Photo by Vlad Chetan on pexels

It’s always important to consider, not only what to eat on a keto diet, but, also how to stay on track while traveling. However, sticking to keto on the go can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding affordable options.

In this article, we will share some budget-friendly keto meal ideas for travelers that are delicious but, easy on the wallet. But first, let’s answer some common questions about keto, including what foods are good and cheap for the diet, what can throw you out of ketosis, and how many cheat days are allowed.

What are good cheap keto foods?
Some good cheap keto foods include eggs, canned tuna or salmon, chicken thighs, ground beef, cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, zucchini, cheese, and nuts.

What throws you out of keto?
Eating too many carbohydrates or foods with hidden carbs can throw you out of keto. Additionally, consuming too much protein or indulging in alcohol can also hinder ketosis.

How many keto cheat days?
The number of keto cheat days is subjective and varies from person to person. Some individuals may find they can indulge in a cheat day once a week or once a month without interrupting their progress, while others may need to avoid cheat days altogether to maintain their ketosis. It’s important to listen to your body and assess, how cheat days impact your overall health and well-being. Are you stuck on only a few approved foods? Read this blog post on Healthline dot.com, 20 Foods to Eat on the Keto Diet.



Traveling on a keto diet is possible with the right plan. Plan, stick to the basics, cook your meals, look for keto-friendly restaurants, sample the local cuisine, and stay hydrated. With the above tips, you can enjoy delicious, affordable, and keto-friendly meals while on the go. Remember, the key to a successful keto diet is consistency. so stick to your meal plan and enjoy your travels. Before you go read this article on more budget keto meal plans.

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