When to Apply Crabgrass Preventer in Massachusetts

Crabgrass poses a threat to gardeners in Massachusetts and knowing when to apply crabgrass preventer can yield many benefits to a gardening project. 

It is best to use a crabgrass preventer to stop the growth of seedlings at a soil temperature between 56F-60F. 

Therefore gardeners in Massachusetts should apply crabgrass preventer from Mid March to the end of April each year.

This is when soil heat is at a premium for crabgrass preventers application.

Is Massachusetts cold all year round?

Boston, Massachusetts, has different temperatures during the year ranging from a high of 82.2F in July.

July is the hottest month in Massachusetts, and the temperature reaches a low of 22.1F in January.

The average temperature in Massachusetts is 48.4F.

Now, look at the temperature in Boston in the graph and chart below.


graph with two red arrows pointing to the ideal months to apply crabgrass preventer in boston Massachusetts.

Boston Temperature data sheet with temperatures for the year

Can you put down too much crabgrass preventer?

In applying herbicide, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Applying too little crabgrass preventer will not give the outcome you desire.

While on the other hand, using too much will harm nearby grass and plant.

When can I put down grass seed after crabgrass preventer?

4 months after the application of weed and crabgrass killer is an ideal time to plant grass and other plants.

Herbicides can contain toxic materials that need sufficient time to drain away from the soil.

Dogs love to be with their masters while working. But, Weed or other Preventers can also harm them. 

 Read can dogs eat crabgrass to learn more in this blog post

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